Sunday, June 28, 2009


A good friend (Jennilyn) pointed out that some things never change. SO VERY TRUE. Like I told her, Kally and I will be in the nursing home conducting photo shoots from our wheelchairs. I'm shooting for Miss Geriatric ANTM 2060! Life is so much fun with crazy friends! Love ya Kal!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Malkin and Yinzerfication...

Loved this story! A russian hockey player who loves Pittsburgh? Sounds like my kind of guy!
Malkin and family begin their Yinzerfication - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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Sunday, June 7, 2009


This afternoon, in an attempt to keep up my healthy new eating habits, I decided to run by Subway. Subway is attached to a BP close to my house, so I can be there and back in 10 minutes. (A definite plus.) I walked into the store feeling rather dazed from working all night, and only getting a few hours of sleep. As I'm waiting for the "Sandwich Artist" to acknowledge my presence a woman in front of me turns around and noticeably stares at me. There I am in mismatched shorts and t-shirt, flip-flops from 5 years ago, hair in a knot, and sans makeup. I'm looking rough, and wondering to myself if this lady really wanted to push me over the edge? I'm tired from lack of sleep, craving a doublecheese burger, fries, and a REAL pop, and seriously considering downing the entire box of twinkies that are resting peacefully on the shelf to my right, I'm exuding the DON'T MESS WITH THIS vibe that I've learned from watching countless hours of BET. But alas, the staring continued, and then she began stomping her foot on the ground, like a bull getting ready to charge. Either this woman was psychotic, or was another of the masses who were offended by my "gothic" black nail polish. (Darn, why did I leave my trench at home again.) I thanked God that I didn't work there when she ordered half the store, then literally almost sang the types of veggies she wanted. I concealed my laughter with a few well timed coughs, and practically ran out of the store before I heard another foot stomp. I hope that this woman seeks the medical attention that is most definitely for me, I enjoyed my low-cal dinner, and am happily on my way to diet utopia.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


My youngest brother Ryan (11 years old) has always loved history, especially WW2. My family jokes that he's a young historian, and is almost daily found watching the History Channel, or pouring over a WW2 book. I called him this evening to remind him that today was the 65 anniversary of D-Day, and as soon as I finished telling him he said, "Duh, Kristen...June 6, 1944. It's been all over the news today." I wasn't surprised that he already knew this, but I had to laugh at his response.

I've been reading a lot of the personal accounts that are spread throughout the media today. The stories are so touching, that despite sitting in the middle of a noisy ER, I was moved to tears. I'm so thankful that we had such brave young men fighting for our country during this time. I can't imagine the horrors that still haunt them. I have the same respect for those currently serving in our military. We would not be a free nation without them.

Lazy summer days...

I have seriously neglected my blogging, and I must admit that I don't have a good reason for my absence. I even have pictures to post, but have been to lazy to download them from my camera. :)

I will soon be back to the blogging world. Hopefully in the morning I will upload my pictures from the last few weeks. I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the new posts. HAHA.