Monday, February 11, 2008

This one is for Lauren!

Okay, so this message is dedicated for Mrs. Lauren Wilson. I promised to post a picture from Kally's shower, but it was the worst picture ever taken of me, and I completely refuse to post it anywhere! So, I posted this one of the gang at Jennilyn's wedding.

Larue-It was so amazing catching up with you! We must get together really soon! Movies? Dinner? Whatever! I don't want to lose contact with all my amazing friends! Can't wait to see your blog! I want to see some photos of you and your man! lol. Hope all is well! I appologize for the space of time inbetween blog's! Opps! LOVE YA!

Why can't I shake the shades?

The pre-glasses days...Okay, so I have recently begun an intense battle within myself. I went to the eye doc before Kally's wedding so I could finally get contacts. After wearing glasses for a few years, I was ready to be free from having to look at the world through my glasses. Thus began my internal struggle. I don't know how it happened, but somewhere along the line, my glasses have become a large part of me. Okay, so I don't think that a pair of glasses defines me as a person. But, I think I've grown so used to seeing myself in them, that I think of myself as always having them on. Usually, I don't sleep in them, but I have been known to fall asleep reading, and then in my sleepy stupor I will place them haphazardly next to me on my bed. Only to wake up in the morning panic-stricken that I'm laying on them. (Luckly, they've never been harmed.) But, my glasses have given me confidence when I needed it most. Maybe it's crazy to say, but when I started school again, I felt more comfortable in my glasses. It doesn't help that the few times I've worn contacts several people have asked me if I was tired. What is that all about? Do I really look that different? Talk about knockin a gal off her horse! I guess I'm just going to have to keep up the daily battle of glasses vs contacts. Right now the glasses are winning, but I'm thinking that my contacts will become more popular in summer, when I want to wear my cool RL shades. (See below...) Until then, hopefully people will be able to see my green eyes through my frames. St Patrick's Day is coming up, and I always joke that because it's my birthday God gave me green eyes so I would never get pinched for not wearing green on my day! (Usually, I do's my favorite color)