Friday, February 27, 2009

Birthday ideas...

Meant to look like an old fashion flash bulb. From Blue Poppy Jewelry...everyday charming.

Since my birthday is rapidly approaching (Okay, so maybe it's a few weeks away...March 17th-St. Patrick's Day, for those who don't know.) But, I found these necklaces online tonight, and thought I would post as some "suggestions" for potential presents. Maybe this is a bit bold...but at least my faithfuls can see the cuteness of the jewlery! :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Odd Couple...

This story warmed my heart! How endearing!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Practical joke...

The RN behind me, and I plotted the entire thing. Dr. Ravi was really anxious to help in the harrassment.
It isn't a secret that I LOVE the Pittsburgh Steelers. I believe the passion is something that every Pittsburgher is born with. I work with a die hard Cleveland Browns fan. We harass each other constantly, but when my boys won their 6th World Championship, I couldn't' help playing this joke on him. When he showed up for work that night, the entire Emergency Room staff was sporting black and gold jerseys. Even Dr. Ravi joined in for the fun. We had a great time harassing him! Go Steelers!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby love...

Brody Phillip Barnett...I think this little guy has stolen my heart!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nerdy? Or me?

A good friend...(aka...Kally) called me today to say that she had found the perfect stationary for me. I chuckled at the randomness of the call, then quickly hopped online to check it out. Not only did I laugh at what Kally discovered, but I also found some other cute stationary. I think that this qualifies me as the ultimate nerd. (Loud cheers!) If your a stationary junkie like I am...check it out at
Love this in green! So cute!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Things...The stuff we do for blogging...

1. I don't understand why razors now come in scents. Like I'm really going to smell my razor when I hop in the shower.
2. I love cold weather, and snow. Lots and lots of beautiful white snow!
3. I like to paint my nails. But usually only in dark browns and deep red colors. My mother swears it looks gothic, I think she's crazy.
4. I'm going through a progressive rock stage. Anyone who knows me realizes that my taste in music is incredibly eclectic.
5. I love ballet. So much expression without words.
6. I'm a wannabe journaler, and scrapbooker. (Are those words?)
7. I love classic lit. Jane Austin, Dostoevsky, Jane Eyre, Tolstoy. Especially old Russian lit. There's something about the culture, and the ridiculously long names that sucks me in every time.
8. Yes, I've been to Space Camp. Yes, it was incredible.
9. I can't sleep well without my pillow.
10. Poor grammar irks me more than anything. There is never a need to put BOTH I'm and me in the same sentence. EVER.
11. I want to get married, and have a family. Hopefully before I'm old and grey. (I love you Ben!)
12. I've recently started going to the gym. I love love love the way I feel after an intense workout.
13. My car is has two names...Isabella and Meredith. Isabella was my first car's name, and it's still around mostly out of habit. Meredith is my cars given name. My brain just doesn't recognize it yet.
14. When I'm tired (like after working all night) I'm annoyed very easily. Please leave me alone.
15. I'm in a constant debate over what kind of doctor I want to be. Right now the choices include...ED, Radiology, Peds Oncology, Neonatologist, and Ophthalmologist. Nice wide range of choices.
16. I love playing "Would you rather..." with Lucy while shooting portables in ICU. She comes up with the most shocking scenarios.
17. I'm really excited to meet my new nephew! (Kally's brother will NOT be having children anytime soon.)
18. I just got my passport card in the mail. It's time to use it! I want to travel everywhere, and anywhere!
19. I was born on St. Patrick's Day-therefore I have extremely green eyes.
20. I love biochemistry, and genetics. Understanding the way things come together and work is absolutely amazing.
21. Singing in my car happens on a daily basis.
22. I want to learn to scuba dive. BUT...first I must learn to swim underwater without holding my nose, and second, I need to become more comfortable in the lake. Last summer I was terrified to get in, I'm much better now.
23. I'm organically conscious. I'm trying to switch to 80% straight up organic foods. But...every now and then a gal just needs Honey BBQ wings from Bdubs.
24. I've been doing yoga in the morning, and at night. Haven't found anything else that can improve my flexibility, and also relax me as much as it does.
25. I love the ocean. It's so vast, and is home to so many species. Standing on the shore with your toes wet, just puts it all into perspective.