Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Thankful for...

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I'm feel that I should post a list of things that I'm most thankful for. Honestly, this page could be neverending, but I will post only the most important things. (In random order...)

1. My incredible relationship with Jesus Christ. You've never experienced love until it comes from this guy.
2. My family. I know that they are always there if I ever need them. Amazing.
3. My incredible boyfriend Ben. Without him, I truly would be lost.
4. My car, Meredith. She runs, she has air conditioning, and a keyless entry. What more could a gal want?
5. Kally Kappes Barnett. If it weren't for her, my ANTM dreams would have never made it onto film.
6. Madison, my Maltese, she's happy to see me no matter what kind of day I've had.
7. Being blessed enough to live in a country with a rich history based on the bible. If only we could get back to those roots. Also living in a place were we are a free people. I will always be thankful for the people serving our country. God be with them.
8. All of the seasons. I have to admit that fall and spring are my two favorites. But, I will always have a love for snow!
9. Hot hot hot showers and baths.
10. Food. Whether it's home cooked, a Rafferty's salad, Primanti's sandwich, or dessert from Andy's Candies. YUM!
11. Science...I love learning all that junk!
12. THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS! And the city of Pittsburgh in general...awesome!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Political Analysis of a 3 year old...

I went to a dinner at Ben's church on Saturday night, where I got into an interesting conversation with a well informed 3-year old named Walker. He ran up to me and said..."Are you a republican?" I told him I was, and then he informed me of the following...
Did you know that Democrats...
1. Pee on puppies
2. Pop little kids balloons
3. Poop on the floor

I'm wondering if this is what we have in store now that a Democrat is in the highest office. I feel sorry for the White House staff who has to clean up all the poop on the floor! ( I can't believe I just blogged the word poop.) Finally analysis that is brutal and honest!

Don't know about you, but I'm voting for Walker 2012!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas has arrived early!

The kitchen "gingerbread" tree.
Nativity that my G-ma Porter made. (The angel hasn't been hung on top of the manger yet.)

Christmas is my family's favorite time of year. My parent's have been listening to Christmas carols since mid-October, and I woke up one morning last week, to find the kitchen Christmas tree had been put up. My Mom usually puts up the kitchen tree first, but little did I know that over the next few days...these would also appear...
Ryan's "Rudolf" Tree
The office tree. (Because no home is cozy until you have a tree in your office).
In the last two pictures, I think it's funny that inside there is this beautiful tree, and you expect to see some snow on the ground, but snow. Kentucky never gets snow, but I'm wishing, hoping, and praying for a white Christmas this year! It's never to early to put in that kind of a request!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Kermit the Frog, and Miss Piggy...

I walked into my zoology lab this morning, not really focused on zoology, but more so on my biochem exam I was having later in the day. I had studied all weekend for biochem, and still felt unsure of the information. (I think I did okay. Definitely a B.) Needless to say, my mind was thinking about biochemical pathways, and I neglected to prepare myself for lab. Anyway, I sat down, and pulled out my lab material, only to hear that today we would begin dissecting our frogs. Ugh! First a squid, then a shark, now a frog? I understand the importance of dissecting animals, and learning how they work. But for the record, I don't like to do it. I HATE the smell of formaldehyde. I can smell it hours after class ended, and I wear gloves! Well, the pleasant thing about today was that we not only had to look at external anatomy, but we had to skin our frog! I repeat, SKIN THE FROG! I thought, "What? Skin Kermit the Frog? A childhood icon? A cute, innocent, harmless frog?" Ironically, the next animal we dissect is a fetal pig. A frog and a pig? Is that someones idea of a twisted Muppet joke? I'm still feeling guilty about my poor froggie. All this to get a stupid degree.

My thoughts exactly! (Not advocating PETA!)