Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kaden and Kenzie...

This is Kaden...
This is Kenzie (Kenzington)

Here they are together!

After some thought, I have decided to adopt plants. This was a tough decision, because I lack experience in growing anything. BUT...these two plants spoke to me tonight as I strolled through Wal-Mart, so I decided to buy them. Naturally, I gave them names...the small one is Kenzie, and the bigger one is Kaden. Hopefully, the next few weeks go well as we adjust to life together. Kaden's instructions state that he enjoys lots of I'll have to remember to put him by the window. And Kenzie enjoys medium light...whatever that means. I still haven't decided if the fact that I'm posting this means that I'm a complete nerd, or just really, really bored.

Monday, March 24, 2008

13 things you don't know about me...

I am procrastinating putting off studying for a lab here ya go...
1. I love to do laundry...crazy I know.
2. I listen to music extremely to loud on my ipod. I don't want to have hearing problems in the future, I need to remember the 60% rule!
3. I love art! I love that art has the ability to be perceived in different ways. 10 people look at a work, and take 10 different things away from it. Favorite artists include, Picasso (named a cat after him), Monet, Van Eyck, Ansel Adams, and many others...
4. I can kick just about anyone's butt on the medium level of Guitar Hero..
5. I tend to have a lead foot. I drive fast.
6. I want to learn several new languages.
7. I love to might not be on key, and I might be way off tune. But I never said I was good.
8. When I'm really stressed, I will put my ipod headphones in, turn up the music, and dance until the stress is gone. It works, but you have to lose all inhibition.
9. I want to learn to play the harp...and the piano...and maybe the violin.
10. I like to listen to teeny-bopper music. Usually I'm a hard rocker...but sometimes a gal just need Hilary Duff, and Ashley Tisdale. I'm embarrassed.
11. Nothing beats an amazing, knock your socks off, foot poppin' kiss!
12. I love photography! I'm still learning, but I love to take pictures of just about everything! I've been amazed by cameras with removable lens since I was a kid. My Pappy Porter had an awesome camera that you could focus by moving the lens back and forth! I've wanted one ever since! I can still remember the clicking noise it made! Hopefully, I'll have one of my own soon!
13. I think it's kind of hot when some guys where eye liner. Okay, okay I'm not a total freak-a-zoid, but check out Jared Leto in this pic...hello good lookin! If you got it...flaunt it baby!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dr Kristen N. Porter at your service...

The doctor is in...
Dad is smiling because it took 3 tries to get his IV in and they finally got it! The Steeler hat never came off his head. That's dedication.

I was trying to listen to his heart, but a little secret...the GIANT stethoscope doesn't work.

After we ate Easter dinner, Dad stood up and said "I think I'm getting a kidney stone." He's had so many that he knows the moment that it starts. After an hour or so, the pain continued to get worse, and he started feeling nauseated. Since I work at the hospital, and am comfortable with the ER, I decided to have a bit of fun with my "patient." No worries though, these pictures were taken after he had some pain meds!
He's doing a lot better. Although a CT showed that he has 4 kidney stones. (2 in each kidney). His doc showed me his CT results, and seeing all of it, just makes me want to be a doctor even more! So incredible!

Egyptian men are the hottest...

A long standing Easter tradition in the Porter house is the yearly viewing of Cecile B. Demille's The Ten Commandments. For the record, I have always loved the story of Moses. He had such an amazing faith in God! BUT-this post is to admit that I have been harboring a crush, not on Moses, but on Ramses...aka Yul Brenner. Something about those eyes...and that bald head. GRRR! Definitely makes me want to be an Egyptian. As a young child, I had a huge interest in the culture of Ancient Egypt. We had a Discovery Kid's magazine at school about the Pharaoh's and Egypt, and I would take tracing paper, and trace the hieroglyphics. Pretending that I could write Egyptian. Flash forward to today- I will watch anything about ancient Egypt that comes on tv. And have read quite a bit about about the culture, and beliefs. I guess it will always be an interest, and hopefully someday I can travel to Egypt and see all of it for myself! But, I gonna guess that there won't be anyone in Egypt quite as hot as the "orginal" Ramses Yul!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Heavenly Brownies...

Okay, so had to post a quick message about a brownie mix I bought the other day. I was out exploring, and I came across a kitchen store. I was intrigued by the shiny pots and pans hanging in the window, but I never could have guessed what I found inside would be so life changing!

It was my birthday, so I decided to splurge and buy the Outrageous Brownie Mix by Barefoot Contessa. All I can say is if you get the opportunity to purchase this AMAZING mix DO IT! You won't be disappointed!

I'm 25!

March is one of my favorite month's all year long! Not only is it my birthday month, but it's the beginning of spring! It almost seems like the entire world just wakes up, and comes to life.
I can't believe that I turned 25 a few days ago. I have to admit that having a birthday on St. Pat's Day is awesome. Everyone is in the party mood! This year, I spent my birthday with Ben and my family, shopping, and rocking out at an amazing concert!
Ben took me to see Pillar, Building 429, and Waverly in Cincy. This was my third time seeing Pillar, and they get better each and every time I see them. They played a lot off the new album, 'For The Love of the Game,' and explained the meaning behind a lot of the songs. I think they will always be one of my favorite groups! Building 429 is climbing the charts though. I have two of their CD's and I recommend them to all. On Sunday, Ben and I went shopping in Columbus. He really knows how to spoil me! I had a pre-birthday shopping spree. I bought an amazing Fossil purse, and watch. I have waited to find the perfect purse, and I found it on Sunday. It was like a light beaming down from heaven saying "Kristen's ideal purse!" Needless to say it's mine.

On St. Pat's Day I awoke at 6:30 am to multiple text messages from family. I was born at 6:47, and I think I had 5 messages from my aunts, uncle, and grandfather all before 7. Not to mention a voicemail from my Mom. She woke up at 4:30 am, and started thinking about all those years ago when she was in labor. When I first listened to the message I initially thought that something bad had happened...a message from Mom in the middle of the night usually means a bad thing. But, she was just being emotional, and retelling the story of my birth. I eventually went back to sleep around 8. And the rest of the day went well. I had my automatic car starter installed. I got it for Christmas, but it's finally been installed. I also explored downtown Chillicothe while I was waiting for my car to be finished. Then I came back to Morehead, and celebrated with my family. Birthday cake, balloons, and presents. Mom even bought a crown that said "Today's my special day." Naturally, I wore it all day.

The only bad thing, is that because my birthday was on Monday, I feel like the rest of the week should also be a celebration. So I've been celebrating residual birthday for the last 2 days. We are on spring break from school, so I've been sleeping a lot, and haven't had to work, so I haven't had a lot of responsibility. I think I've caught up for the last month of no sleep. And the break from SCR, was definitely much needed. I was starting to become a grouch! Well, I guess that's all for now. Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes! It means a lot to hear from friends and family!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why neuroscientists should never talk dirty...

The following is a title from The Journal of Neuroscience, August 1, 2007

"Does the Neurochemically Diverse Intermedius Nucleus of the Medulla as a Source of Excitatory and Inhibitory Synaptic Input to the Nucleus Tractus Solitarii make you hot?

I'm as clueless as you.