Sunday, April 26, 2009

Properly nerdy.

Ever wondered what hair color you have? Despite the fact that I was born with red hair, and retained that color for much of my younger life, I am pleased to inform you that I don't have any mutations on my MC1R gene. (Mutations indicate red hair.) We know that I have a mutation, it's just not present in the gene we sequenced. Darn...I was curious.

Heinz Heaven.

I was working last night, when I got a random call from my father. In a rushed, yet quiet voice he asked if I had a few minutes. Out of curiosity, I told him I had the time, and waited not so patiently for him to respond. "Well...what would you say if we could get season tickets to some of the Steeler games?" Anyone who knows me knows my immediate response. (Jumping, smiling, laughing, practically crying while in the middle of a busy ER.) Needless to say, my father, brother, and I are the proud new owners of 2 tickets to 5 regular season games, and 1 pre-season game, on the 5-yard line. I'm beginning to feel that my chances of meeting Ben Roethelisberger are greatly increasing. GO STEELERS!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wind in my hair...

Who say's you can't have fun by yourself?


So, maybe it's my rocker side (Thanks, Dad) but I think Adam Lambert is HOT HOT HOT!