Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Embarrassing confession...

Okay, so I need to get something off my mind. It's REALLY embarrassing to admit, but I'm lovin the 'See You Again' song by Miley Cyrus. It's great to sing along with, and I love the beat. Now that this truth is out...I'm sure everyone else is going to come out of the closet with similar tween music confessions. But it still doesn't ease my ego. Sigh..."I've got my sights set on you, and I'm ready to aim..."

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What do you think...?

A few weeks ago, I had to make the yearly trip to the court house to renew my vehicle registration. On my way there I thought to myself..."Hum, I wonder if I could get a license plate that said KRIS10?" I assumed that someone in the giant state of KY would already have KRIS10, and then I could dismiss the thought from my head. Well, it was my lucky day, and it was available. I laughed to myself, and thought sure, why not? Now I'm having mixed feelings. Regardless, it's mine until December at least. I didn't know they were called vanity tags...does this make me vain? What do you think?

Sunday Traditions...

As I was driving home this morning, I stopped at McD's to grab something to drink and to stretch my legs. I was still singing along with the new cd that I got this weekend-Wavorly-and was pretty oblivious to everything around me. I walked in wearing my surgery scrub pants, an old track t-shirt, and my faithful Columbia jacket, along with Jcrew flip flops. I had no makeup on, and my hair was pulled into a knot on top of my head. I'm sure you are wondering why I'm telling all this in detail. After I walked in, I noticed that there were a lot of people having breakfast before they went to church. This was obvious because everyone in the restaurant was in church attire, except for me. I'm sure I was quite a site. I had gotten out of bed, and thrown my stuff in the car and took off. I wanted to make sure I had enough time to make it to Morehead for church. Even though I was dressed in clothes that are meant for sleeping or performing surgery, people were still unbelievable friendly. I took a moment to appreciate the small Sunday traditions that many people do without thinking about. Having breakfast, going out to eat after services (or eating at home), smiling at someone you don't know, spending time with family, being more relaxed than the rest of the week, going for a Sunday drive (before gas prices shot through the roof!), etc. I guess that's why God made Sunday's special, because it's an entire day of worshiping Him, and spending time with the ones we love the most. I wanted to write a quick message about this, because it's something I'm sure we all take for granted. So kick back, relax and enjoy! Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I'm not sure why I have recently obtained so many nicknames, but I guess I have creative (slightly stupid) friends...

Kris (I HATE this one)
Porter house steak
Kris 10
KKK Krazy Kool Kristen
Special K
KNP-Lysine Argine Proline