Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Top 10 from Fall semester 2009...

In an attempt to keep myself awake at work...thought I would entertain the internet with a top 10 list...(I know how we all love anything summarized into a list.)

1. I'm quickly learning to hate plants. When left to my own experimentation, I love having plants in my home...but when forced to learn every sex organ of a tulip, my attention falters.

2. Dr. Tuerk is still hot. And will always be hot. Who cares how old he is.

3. I suck at gram staining. Completely suck.

4. Monday's and Wednesday's are the longest days ever...beginning at 9:10a and going through 6:20p...then usually working 7p-7a. Ugh.

5. Micro is the first medically relevant class I've taken so far. Thank God, something that I can actually apply.

6. I have 2 semesters left until I graduate. Hell is already preparing to freeze over.

7. I had a physician at the hospital introduce me to a new physician, as a future medical student...the first physician is the director of the UK Morehead program...and he remembered me. Oh yeah baby.

8. I have printed off 75 sheets of notes, and we are only 2 weeks in.

9. I miss sleeping. So very much.

10. I look HOT in my micro lab coat. Grrrr.

Fall semester is off to a great start.

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